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Welcome to the wonderful community of New Covenant for Housewives! We are daughters, wives, mothers, grandmothers, and friends here to encourage, uplift, and support each other on our quest to rest in our relationship in Christ as we move through our lives as Christian women in the world. God bless you and welcome aboard!
New Covenant for Housewives


We are daughters, sisters, wives, moms and grandmothers who are enjoying the freedom that comes only from an inward grasping of Jesus and His life in us. We are not perfect and do not expect perfection from you, we only seek to point you toward the fact that you are complete in Christ. Welcome to our community, why don't you relax and stay a while...


Forge Ahead in 2017 - As we enter 2017 forge ahead in The Way. He has got you, during the darkness. He has got you during the hills and valleys. He has got you in the best of times and in the worst of times. As you see Him and turn your attention to Him the way becomes brighter. The roads may still be bumpy at times but the light will become clearer on The Way. Happy New Year and forge ahead, along the road we go!

He Is All - Perhaps our focus has been on what can be, what we can get, what will come. When all along our focus should be on what is already in us, in Christ. Take the focus off of what we hope to get, and be thankful for what we already got. Because in Christ is our all, our everything! 

Question About Rest - I recently posed this question to Andrew Farley and I thought his response was enlightening, I hope it helps you as it did me.

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