About Us

I am Wynema Clark, co-founder and director of "New Covenant for Housewives" as well as a writer, speaker, wife of Jeremy and mother of Benjamin and Hannah. I am a reformed preachers kid. Raised during the era of the televangelist in the 1980's and married in a funeral chapel at midnight on New Year's Eve in 1991. I began a journey of discovering the truth of the gospel only after years of bondage to religion, the exhaustion of a works based faith, and being willing to admit that the above two things have never and will never work. I threw my hands in the air and literally told God, "I quit, I can't do this anymore". Following this awakening the Holy Spirit introduced me to Jesus and I began to learn that all the work I was trying to accomplish had already been finished. That I could actually rest in Him. So many parts of the truth that I had been taught concerning the cross and the finished work came together all wrapped up in an understanding of the new covenant. New vision, new hope, always there but finally discovered. I was born a teacher, it's in my blood.  I love to write and sometimes it even has a groove. So I am excited to be able to meet you, my fellow housewife and to share this freedom that is found in the person and work of Jesus Christ.



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